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MOOC aLIFEca - Virtual open Course of Automotive Life Cycle Assessment

Project aLIFEca
Simona Jursová
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future workers in automotive (tertiary and secondary students), current workers in automotive (those ones being upskilled or reskilled), those ones interested in innovations
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5 weeks / 16 h
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The important part of the sustainable approach is to understand the impacts of products or services during their entire life cycle. Life cycle assessment, as the systematic analysis of the potential environmental impact of products or services within the entire life cycle, is a recommended tool for it. The traffic is growing worldwide. Governments all over the world are faced with the transition to sustainable mobility and renewable energy. It implies pushing for a transition to electric and hydrogen vehicles and electricity generation from renewable sources and at the same time new jobs are created to replace the ones lost in the fossil fuel industry. For these new jobs, qualified personnel will be needed. The analytics-related skills and environmental awareness will become a must to stand out as an employee or job candidate for all qualified positions in automotive and all kinds of related industries and services. For these reasons, MOOC aLIFEca was created. This course is specifically designed for the needs of sustainable management and today's fast-growing automotive industry, which is facing the challenges of green mobility. The students of MOOC aLIFEca will acquire knowledge to be qualified employees with comprehensive knowledge about environmental impact of cutting-edge transport technologies which is significant across the whole automotive sector and accompanied services. They will understand principles of life cycle assessment, its approaches, system unit. They will understand life cycle assessment on conventional fuel vehicles (petrol and oil ones) and alternative fuel vehicles such as battery electric vehicles (BEV), fuel cell electric vehicles (FCEV) powered by hydrogen. The MOOC aLIFEca includes, theory, case studies, interactive examples. After successful completion, the students will gain a certificate or digital badge. Don’t hesitate and sign-up MOOC aLIFEca to become an LCA expert!

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The MOOC aLIFEca is available in following languages: English, Czech, Polish, Slovak, Italian