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DRIVES Framework Structure

Overall DRIVES Framework revolves around the database of skills/competence and knowledge which will throughout the years expand as the DRIVES Framework will accommodate more and more training providers and other types of users.
As mentioned, DRIVES Framework will assure reference recognition of job roles and skills based on the reference job roles and its skills/competence and knowledge on desired levels in the system. These elements are and will be compliant with ESCO and EQF levels. All of this will enable mapping to existing training and education with the provision of ECTS/ECVET credits.


Additionally, three levels of maturity are defined:
  • Awareness: understands the background of the knowledge, competence/skill, and its implications to be able to understand how it is applied in the environment.
  • Practitioner: strong understanding of the knowledge, experience in the competence/skill. Able to apply knowledge, the experience of the competence/skill and share with others including tools and techniques, define and use the most appropriate for the solution.
  • Expert: an expert knowledge or competence/skill ability to develop and apply procedures and activities as an individual and/or provide his qualified opinion to a team. Recognized specialist and advisor in the generation of solutions and ideas, including methods, tools, techniques, guiding or leading others in best practice use of the specific knowledge and skill.
These three levels of skills/competence and knowledge will express the expertise needed to obtain a particular job role. The very same levels are applied to the mapping of training and education to skills/competence and knowledge provided by the training or education.
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